The Plan to Lose Fat And Build the Body You Want

Get abs and lose fat

You know you need to do something to get your body ready for summer.

You decided this year, is finally the year, you will have the body that turns heads at the beach or pool. 

It is time to drop a few pounds (or more) and get serious about getting that lean beach ready body that you have always wanted. And you don't know where to start.

Well, losing fat and getting a shredded body, without a well thought out plan, is a recipe for disaster.

You can try all the hacks. And, read all the science based articles on how to formulate a better body. And, spend countless hours trying to find the secret sauce.

All you need to build a better body is out there.  Just filter out the Broscience and other BS and you will find a system that works.

Most people without a plan tend to perform endless hours of cardio and/or starving themselves to drop the fat.  This not a workable solution in the long run.

You may get a lean body temporarily, but you will not have the tools and habits to maintain your weight and physique once you do get to your goal.

And, if you do not eat and exercise properly, you can end up looking skinny without muscle tone.   

"We have done the research, tested and document these techniques that have been used by thousands of people to lose fat and create the body they want. "
Jogging to burn fat

Does this look like fun to you? Yea, Cardio :(


You may be thinking, my weight is staying the same so, I can just add cardio sessions and burn off this belly bulge.  You can.  But, let me tell you why this is not a great strategy.

To lose a pound of fat, you must create a 3,500-calorie deficit to lose weight on the scale.   You can create a deficit by eating less or moving more, or both.

Let's say your goal is to lose one pound a week and you choose only running to burn fat.

Assuming an average person burns around 100 calories per mile running, and that is being generous. You will have to run about 35 miles, every week, to lose one pound of fat per week by doing cardio only.

This takes a lot of time and increases stress hormones that inhibit fat loss while putting wear and tear on your body.  Also, long distance running tends to lead to slender muscle as seen on marathon runners.  This is not the defined beach ready body you are looking to build.

You will have to run about 35 miles a week to lose one pound of fat per week by doing cardio only.
Eat Less to lose weight

No food for you.


You can choose to only eat less and lose fat. To lose a pound of fat a week without adding exercise, you will need to reduce the amount you eat by 500 calories per day.  If you only cut those calories, you could sit on the couch and do no additional exercise and lose as much fat as someone who does not change their diet and adds 35 miles of running a week. 

Loosing fat and sitting around without putting in any physical work sounds great.  But…

The problem with only reducing calories is you will lose muscle mass along with fat.  Studies have shown that one-fourth of weight lost during a caloric deficit is lean muscle mass.  

At the end of your cut, you will have lost muscle resulting a skinny body.  Having low body fat and underdeveloped muscle is not the goal you are looking to achieve. 


The smarter approach to dropping fat and building the body you want is to dial in your diet and train with heavy weights.  You can perform cardio if you wish but this is not necessary for fat loss.

As for dialing in your nutrition.  You need a sustainable method of managing your diet that allows you to eat foods you like, while promoting fat loss and does not significantly disrupt your life. 

I have found flexible dieting along with intermittent fasting to be easiest method of losing fat and building healthy eating habits that carry over to when you want to maintain your weight or put on lean muscle.

To get started, use our macro calculator to determine the number of calories you need to eat to get to your goal body composition.  This tool then helps you to split your caloric budget to determine the proper protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios to fuel your body and lose fat.  You then use this budget to decide which foods and beverages you want to enjoy and lose fat.  

If you want to eat pizza or other decadent foods on occasion, you can.  Flexible dieting makes it easy to stick to your fat loss deficit because of its, dare I say it, flexibility.  You do not have to cut foods out of your eating plan.  You do have to keep to your caloric budget to lose fat.

Intermittent fasting is an eating method where you eat all your meals in an eight-hour window.  

You essentially skip breakfast and eat lunch as the first meal of the day.  The biggest benefit of fasting is being able to have larger meals when you do eat. Bigger meals make you feel fuller which makes it easier to stick with a calorie deficit.  Another advantage of fasting is you increase the amount of time you burn fat each day. Being in a fasted state creates an environment where more fat is mobilized and burned when you have not eaten.

We have developed a weight training plan that will allow you to retain or build muscle that can be lost while burning fat.  

When you dedicate three days a week to weight training, along with caloric restriction, you can get the lean defined body you want to show in public.  Our workout program gives you an easy to follow plan that is sustainable and targets gaining strength while keeping muscle and losing fat.

We have done the research, tested and document these techniques that have been used by thousands of people to lose fat and create the body they want.  

Creating the body you want is fairly straight forward when you follow a proven plan that delivers results.


Author: John Gray

John Gray is a fitness enthusiast who has first hand experience dropping over a hundred pounds of fat and putting on lean muscle. His weight-loss and strength gain journey began to improve performance in sports and has become a passion in his life. His mission is to help others to build a better version of themselves through education and support.