10 Easy Ways to Lose Fat Without Really Trying

10 easy ways to lose weight

So, you decided to get lean and it is time to dive head first into a creating a better body.

You are excited about the prospect of being able to wear a bathing suit at the pool or beach.  Getting that goal body starts with losing fat through intelligent food choices.

If you make wise decisions and make minor changes to your diet, you can start down the path of achieving the body you want.

Easing yourself into seeing fat fall off will give the motivation when it is time to reach deeper and become stricter on your eating plan.

Think of these changes as a gateway to a new lifestyle where healthy nutrition leads to a better body and over-all health.

The following changes can help you achieve your goal body composition.

"Making small changes to your diet can add up to a massive change over time."
Stop drinking soda to lose weight

Stop drinking sugar filled soda to lose weight

1. Just say no to Soda

The number one item you can remove from your daily routine and drop fat without a whole lot of effort is cutting out sugar filled soda.

Think about this, soda is made from syrup and water.  Syrup is almost entirely made of sugar. 

Cut out two 12-ounce sugar filled sodas a day at 140 calories each and you can drop 29 pounds of fat over a year.

If you find yourself at the beverage bar, consider drinking sugar free “diet” soda, iced tea or soda water with a lemon wedge.


2. No More Fu Fu Coffee Drinks

Coffee is the go-to pick me up, appetite suppressant and something to sip between people watching at the local Starbucks

A 24-ounce White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino has 530 calories. Cut out two of these diet busters a week and you can lose 15 pounds a year.

Instead of getting a coffee loaded up with fat and sugar, order your coffee black, with about 5 calories per serving.  If you must have milk, get low fat.

"One of the smartest ways to lose fat is to ban junk food from your household."
Stop drinking juice to lose fat

Stop drinking juice to lose weight

3. Cut out the juice

Would you eat three oranges in a sitting every morning?  Probably not. 

When you drink a small 8-ounce glass of orange juice you are guzzling the equivalent three medium oranges at 110 calories.  Cut out two glasses of OJ a week and you can lose about 3.25 pounds per year.

Yes, fruit is good for your body and has vitamins and minerals that support your immune system and health.  However, fruit juice is just concentrated fruit without the fiber that fills you up.  While fruit is good for you, juice is easy to overconsume and is loaded with calories and sometimes added sugar.

Consider replacing fruit juice with coffee, water or lower calorie alternatives.


4. Ditch the Fried Food

Fried foods are tasty and are loaded with fat and sodium. Fried chicken, fries, onion rings, chips and other items are everywhere ready to sabotage your body fat loss goals.  Fat is the most caloric dense of the macro nutrients you can consume and can quickly break your diet budget.

Eight ounces of KFC Crispy Chicken Breast contains 530 calories while the same amount of KFC grilled chicken contains 210 calories.  Eat the grilled version, you will save 320 calories.

A large order of KFC Fries contains 448 calories.  A KFC side salad with Caesar dressing contains 169 calories.  Swapping out the fries for salad with dressing and will save you 279 calories.

By swapping out the fried versions in this meal for the lower calorie alternatives you will save 522 calories in one meal.  Do this substitution once a week and you can lose 7.75 pounds a year.

Cut out alcohol for fat loss

Cut out alcohol to lose weight.

5. Pass on Alcohol

Beer, wine and spirits can make for fun times.  But what is not fun is realizing how many calories it can cost you.

  • A 12-ounce craft beer contains about 225 calories.
  • A 12-ounce light beer contains about 145 calories.
  • A 5-ounce glass of wine contains about 125 calories.
  • A 1.5-ounce shot of 80 proof spirits contains about 90 calories.

Drinking six craft beers per week adds 1,500 calories to your diet. Cut out the beer and you can lose 22-pounds a year. 

Consider drinking only one day a week and in moderation. Try spirits mixed with soda water or a diet soda as an alternative at about 90-calories per drink. 


6. Stop with the Smoothies

Take a bunch of fruit and maybe some veggies and blend them up into a smoothie. What you have managed to do is cram large bowl of fruit and vegetables into a cup.  This is a recipe for disaster. 

Sure, the ingredients may be good for you, but smoothies are loaded with calories you can avoid.

A 27-ounce Purely Orange Juice at Jamba Juice contains 390 calories. 

Pass on one of these calorie bombs a week, you can lose about 5.8 pounds a year.

Cut out Cookies to Lose Weight

Pass on baked goods.

7. Cut out baked goods

Cake, cookies and other baked goods taste awesome.  However, these items contain loads of fat and sugar that will sabotage your goal of getting lean.

One Toll House chocolate chip cookie has 90 calories.  When did you ever have just one cookie?  Graze on six of these delicious items and you are looking at powering down 540 calories in one sitting.

The strategy of dealing with these sweet treats is to just say no.  Eat fruit or something healthy and lower in calories instead.


8. Quit the Mayo

Mayonnaise may be a sandwich essential but spreading just two tablespoons on your bread adds an extra 180 calories to your lunch.

That about the same as getting an additional portion of turkey on your sandwich.

Pass on the mayo and get zero calorie mustard instead.  Cut the mayo three times a week and you can lose eight pounds a year.


9. Clear Out Junk Food

One of the smartest ways to lose fat is to ban junk food from your household. 

Having ready to grab and eat snacks in your cupboards makes giving into temptation too easy.  

That bag of tortilla chips that taunts you every time you go in the kitchen can be blow up your calorie count in a hurry.  Just one-ounce of chips, about seven chips, contains around 140 calories.  Like the commercial says, “you can’t eat just one” (ounce).  After polishing off half a bag, you can rack up over 500 calories. 

Have prepared celery sticks and carrots ready to go in your refrigerator.


10. Kick the Nuts

You have a case of the munchies and you grab a healthy handful of peanuts to tide you over until your next meal.  Guess what? One quarter cup of roasted salted peanuts contains about 211 calories.  That does not sound that bad until you realize that you just ate three handfuls at 633 calories.

Just avoid nuts as a snack and you can cut out massive amounts of calories without trying.


Make Small Changes to get Started Losing Fat

Making small changes to your diet can add up to a massive change over time.  If you are just getting started, you have more room in your caloric budget to make these small changes. 

These adjustments do not take that much sacrifice and will make a large impact in the long run. 

Do not go too extreme when losing weight. 

Going from eating anything you want to only rabbit food is not going to work. Crash dieting is not the answer. If you do go down the path of starving yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure leading to feelings of deprivation, resulting in binges and overeating. 

Make sure you get enough protein to ensure you do not risk losing muscle.  

Make these sustainable changes and get to your goal body fat. 


Author: John Gray

John Gray is a fitness enthusiast who has first hand experience dropping over a hundred pounds of fat and putting on lean muscle. His weight-loss and strength gain journey began to improve performance in sports and has become a passion in his life. His mission is to help others to build a better version of themselves through education and support.